New additions to Wingecarribee Public Library Archives collection

Posted on: September 27th, 2016

Wingecarribee Public Library added some very interesting new records to its Archive collection this week when State Records of NSW's Fiona Sullivan and Wendy Gallagher hand delivered a collection of Bundanoon School Records to our Archive. These Bundanoon Public School Records, 1872 to 1961, include:

The School's Register of Admissions, Progress and Withdrawal 1872 - 1886; 1878-1913; 1925-1946. View the series description here.

The Visitors Book 1936-1956; 1956-1961. View the series description here.

Observation Book 1872-1886. View the series description here.

Class Roll Books 1876-1879; 1890-1891; 1891-1893; 1896-1897. View the series description here.

Punishment Book 1916-1956. View the series description here.

These records tell a fascinating story about life in Bundanoon, who attended school, for how long, why they left school and sometimes the occupations of their parents. They also tell us a lot about a time when going to school and corporeal punishment were synonymous. The Punishment Book lists the name and age of each pupil punished, the nature of the offence and the amount and instrument of the punishment. It seems coming to school with dirty hands in the 1880s earns you two cuts of the cane, careless work could earn you four, and for just "romping about" a punishment of one cut was delivered.

Wingecarribee Public Library's Local Studies Collection is a Regional Repository for State Records NSW, so not only can you view the Wingecarribee Shire Council's Pre-Amalgamation Archives in the collection, you can look forward to more additions from State Records in the future.

You can view the Bundanoon School archives in the Wingecarribee Public Library Local Studies Room, Tuesday and Thursday, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.